Project Description

Agrostis is a new company that develops and markets farm management software solutions that enable both individual farmers and farmer groups to effectively manage their farming business.

Farming is becoming an increasingly demanding and complex business activity. Cost of inputs (fertilizers, fuel, pesticides) increases, competition puts pressure on profit margins, local and global markets demand certified products, legislation requirements are imposed.

In order to help farmers respond to these challenges and effectively manage their business Agrostis has developed ifarma, a SaaS solution that is both simple to use and rich in functionality.

Agrostis was founded and is managed by Athanasios Sapounas and Vangelis Vassiliadis. Athanasios Sapounas is an Agriculture Engineer (AUth), PhD, expert in Horticulture engineering, with 7 years research experience at the Agriculture institute of Wageningen, Netherlands, and 10+ years experience in the Greek agricultural sector.

Vangelis Vassiliadis is an Electrical Engineering (AUTh) with MSc in IT from Univ. Of Edinburgh with 15+ years experience in the IT industry (software development and IT project management) and over 6 years as senior IT project manager at Levi Strauss Europe.

ifarma is a simple and integrated SaaS farm management solution, targeted both to individual farmers and to farmer groups. Using ifarma, the farmers can define, plan, monitor, record and track all farming activities (i.e. harvesting). Benefits include driving down costs, enabling farm certification and product traceability and improving decision-making.

ifarma is a subscription – based service fully accessible via a mobile app and/or a cloud application. It features a complete set of functions including farm definition, access to databases, crop management and financial management. Running on a mobile device it is fully portable, can be used in the field and can utilize mobile device’s capabilities such as GPS for tracking land fields and farming activities and camera for capturing crop images. For farmer groups ifarma provides a web/cloud-based application that enables central group administration, planning and tracking farming activities at individual and group level and centralized reporting.

Within its launch (October ’13) ifarma has gained considerable attention with 1500 registered trial users, 20+ individual and 5+ farmer groups subscriptions (3000+ members).