Project Description

Djazaltec is a marine resources valorization company

With its 1642 Km of coasts, Algeria disposes of an important marine richness which the major part is almost untapped, as in the case of seaweeds.

Seaweeds, used for various applications, continue to be imported for many years.

Our activity consists on the valorization of marine resources, especially seaweeds, natural reservoir of mineral salts, vitamins and several active molecules,  which we will be farmed, harvested and transformed to semi-finished and finished product destined to be used in diverse economic sectors such as: agriculture, agri-food, pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetics, animal feed, energetics, …

The project revolves around a global vision focused on integration of tourism and sustainable development through marine ecosystems valorization and sustainability.

The idea is to enable man to benefit from all virtues of seaweeds: a natural resource practically unexploited by harvesting and valorizing it.