Project Description

GirApp’s vision is to offer a real time event discovery service to everyone, everywhere.

GirApp is a phone app service that will offer personalized last minute event recommendations to everyone, everywhere. Recommendations will be provided to locals and travelers regarding their interests & hobbies based on their exact location at any given time.

The unmet need that GirApp fills is the customization of event recommendation and the availability to book these events in real time, to satisfy the last minute need of users to participate to specific events that interest them (and most of the cases don’t know they exist). The competitive advantage of GirApp is that will offer the opportunity to event organizers to push last minute tickets when available to people that pass by.

The target market is locals and travelers that want customized recommendations on events/hobbies/interests where they are, available to book in real time. The market size of events (if only consider Sports, Theatre, Cinema, Live Music) is $80 Billion. The non-utilized market of events is $44 Billion; this is the market that GirApp will utilize.

The revenue model of GirApp is based on value pricing and on a click stream model. The app will be a free to download from the Apple Store.