Project Description

GRØD openend a 46 m2 shop in the local neighborhood “Nørrebro”, in Copenhagen during the Autumn 2011. The mission was simple: to show the world that porridge can be delicious and healthy. GRØD got a lot of attention for rethinking and innovating something simple as porridge. The shop opens up early in the morning, serving different kinds of porridge, focusing on local, organic and seasonal products. GRØD has since then released a cook book, opened a new shop in Copenhagen, done numbers of workshops, speeches etc in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia.

In March 2014 GRØD launched together with 7 Eleven a organic instant porridge, which are to be found in 187 shops all over Denmark. GRØD won the National Creative Business Cup and 7 Eleven’s “innovation price” during the summer 2014 for this instant porridge. GRØD’s strategy is to open flagship stores in all metropolitans in the world. With an original idea and a solid brand GRØD will enter the detail market with instant porridge, porridge and granola mixes, organic porridge etc.