Project Description is a start up in EdTech offering a pioneering eLearning platform for students. It combines advanced knowledge-learning technologies supported by thoroughly selected tutors making tutoring truly personalized, efficient, significantly increasing student’s learning abilities and exams passing rates.

Our mission is to bring personalized online education in every home for every student at reasonable cost.

The idea was conceived in early 2014, won a place amongst the 10 best concepts – COSMOTE STARTUP accelerator in Greece, and FOUNDER INSTITUTE global accelerator program. The team includes software engineers, eLearning-algorithmic programmers, business developers, and educational experts.

Failing in exams is a significant problem for students costing money, time and missed opportunities. We solve this problem by offering eLearning that is; 1)100% personalized, build around each student’s educational-learning profiles, 2) real-time content adaptive to her progress, 3) capable to predict-and-address her future educational gaps. Offering maximum conform through “any-time-place-device”, “safety-from-home”, and best quality “best-tutor-student-matched” & “student-performance-reporting” for parents.

We differentiate by offering personalized not simply interactive learning. With live tutors, content and mode of delivery is algorithmic driven. Algorithms continually asses students, monitor skills-and-competence and generate real-time adaptive content. Use of Big Data intelligence into students’ learning patterns, psychological profiles, intellectual abilities, attention, memory further personalize the learning experience. Barriers to entry include our IP and the shifting cost from interactive into personalized content and modes of teaching/learning. Major partners will include publishers, and adaptive-learning software companies.

We target 5m out of the 70m students in Europe/US who spend Eur30bn a year for after-school tutoring. The potential expands further in Asia and personalised corporate eLearning. Our user/customer is the student/parent. Our revenue model is subscription offering higher revenue-earnings visibility, and lower volatility.

Our go-to-market strategy is through new-and-old media. Word-of-mouth, viral-campaigns and brand-ambassadors as means to capture greater share-of-mind.

Tutorvista, dreambox, ALEKS, Realizeit, Kip Magrath and Kumon are some of our on-line/off-line competitors. Several other EdTech companies are focusing on class extension offering interactive, non-personalized learning, focusing on tutors and institutions rather students, developing solutions that will enhance the class experience but not necessarily improve the learning level of each individual student.