Project Description

NOODIO is designed as a web-based promotion platform for musicians and bands as well as a discovery tool by music lovers, emphasized on locality. It also acts as a free music streaming service, which incorporates an innovative voting system which allows the community to constantly determine / adjust the content.

NOODIO’s main goal is to offer

  • a new & easy way for musicians to promote their work and engage new fans
  • a direct way for listeners to find out about yet undiscovered bands and their activity
  • the option to decide which of those local artists deserve attention

Artists in NOODIO:

  • Share music. Artists import their Facebook artist account, upload music under Creative Commons or All Rights Reserved licenses and share their activity with the crowd.
  • Reach the audience. Their tracks will be played in community-filtered playlists, categorized by genre.
  • Get supported. Artists gain popularity and support via the innovative integrated voting system, donations and various valuable tools.
  • Expand their fan base. Joining NOODIO means reaching and growing audience. Anyone who likes artist’s work will “stay tuned”. Extra promotion tools wil be available for musicians to expand their fan base.
  • Increase revenues. Music is the artists’ tool and through NOODIO’s promotion capabilities more people will attend their concerts.

Listeners in NOODIO:

  • Discover new local sounds. They can listen to cool independent/upcoming bands & local musicians and gain access to the quality playlists, for free. Fans will find music which cannot be easily found in any other service.
  • Vote. Listeners can vote for tracks they like, supporting their favorite artists.
  • Shape the trends. Fans are part of the game, affecting what will be “heard” tomorrow.
  • Stay tuned. Listeners stay informed about their favorite artists’ activities and never miss a thing about them.