Project Description

“Pronat-Agro” was registered in December 2012. We are a new company, growing Eco-certified, organic aronia, also called black chokeberry and we plan to expand by making different products from it and by exporting them to global market. Recently re-discovered by scientists, aronia is now being considered by health experts as the most powerful untapped berry in the booming superfood world.

We started 2 years ago with 1 hectare of land in the northern part of the country. Today we have 5 hectares of aronia and in 2014 we had our first yield – we harvested 1.5 tons. We are the only company cultivating aronia in Moldova. Aronia is actually a new agro product for Moldova, as we were the first ones to register it as an agrarian plant.

In 2013 we obtained a grant of 30% (MDL 40,000 = EUR 2,170) from the investment with which purchased a small dryer on solar panels with a capacity of 150 kg per day. We want to be Eco-friendly in every step of the business process. Until now, total investments into the business added up to the amount of EUR 40,000.

We are currently selling fresh aronia in one chain of supermarkets in the country. Besides fresh aronia berries (1), we intend to produce several types of organic aronia products:

(2) Dried aronia

(3) Pure aronia juice

(4) Aronia pomace powder

In 2014 we launched the brand, Live Fruit, under which we are selling aronia berries.

We have big plans for the future – already in spring next year we intend to have 7 hectares of aronia. By the end of 2015 we plan to export different organic aronia products. We also aim to grow young shrubs and to promote aronia in Moldova and globally. This will allow us to increase dramatically the quantity of exported Eco aronia and to boost the international image of Moldova as an agro country with organic products. For realising these purposes, we are currently looking for business partners in the European Union. We are building an agro Eco business, cultivating and processing organic berries.