Project Description

SUNNYCLIST is a hybrid solar and human powered electric motorcycle of three seats (L2e category). Though a photovoltaic generator of 690Wp and a 4kW power motor, it can reach 50 km/h speed with a unique driving range. Electromobility is on the way which should boost consumer acceptance and overcome the remaining barriers, such as high battery costs, charging infrastructure and green electricity supply since the European average emission of CO2 is 0,45 kG per kWh produced. The SUNNYCLIST proposes an innovative solution that overcomes the mentioned barriers, introducing a new era in electric vehicles that can be an immediate solution for green mobility having low demands of electricity and infrastructures, using clean energy, being cost efficient and very easy to use. The engineers of SUNNYCLIST have designed an electric vehicle that has low electric consumption but most importantly it needs small battery and is possible to work even stand alone by being energy positive. SUNNYCLIST has a unique design that is based on the contribution of three energy sources, solar, human and battery storage, in a symmetry. The core innovation of SUNNYCLIST is the energy synergy and symmetric balance of the energy resources that in addition with the patented rotatable solar roof, to face the sun while in parking position, and the patented three passenger pedal drive chain give to SUNNYCLIST many economical and technical benefits.

The SUNNYCLIST can be perfectly suitable for covering short distances in the city and at the tourist sector, especially in countries with plenty of sunshine. 45% of the transports that take place globaly, pertain to the route home-work-home. In essence, that means that the SUNNYCLIST can cover a large number of distances in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. The SUNNYCLIST can a be an ideal tool for leisure, vacation, touring and presents an excellent opportunity for exploring nature. By being the cutting-edge of technology and ecology, it offers its passengers a complete and memorable experience. The SUNNYCLIST can fill many market gaps and give solutions to the emerging needs in eco-friendly transport.