Project Description

Susurrus helps brands find the appropriate blogs that can promote their products through their content (blogposts).

The problem

Brands focus their digital marketing efforts on traditional practices (display ads, fb ads etc.) that are “spam” or ineffective. On the other hand, promoting products/services through blogs’ content is the most promising marketing trend. But this marketing practice is not easy. Brands have to spend much time searching for the right blogs on their own or much money when outsourcing the process to PR agencies. As for bloggers, they cannot easily find services and products to review and ways to monetize their blogs.

So, Susurrus connects brands and bloggers in an easy and profitable way for both sides.

The Solution

The whole process consists of 3 steps:

  1. Susurrus monitors a global network of blogs and collects data regarding views, popularity and demographics of their visitors. So, when a brand targets blogs by criteria such as the age, country, sex of their audience, the style of the blogger and the available budget, the platform suggests the most appropriate group of them.
  2. The bloggers that accept the invitation create the requested blogposts and share them in their social media.
  3. Susurrus measures the impact these actions have, both on blogs and on social media real time.

Our target customers are Fashion/ Beauty/ Food brands and PR agencies in the same verticals.

Target countries: UK, France, Italy, USA, Germany, Spain.

Our main competition consists of: Fashion-lifestyle platforms (direct): Fohr card, Stylecoalition, Theshelf and platforms from other verticals (indirect): Markerly, Tapinfluence, Socialspark, Sverve.

Our competitive edge is the fully automated service of setting, managing and monitoring influencer marketing campaigns with verified data.

The majority of our competitors’ core concept is non technological oriented. They co-create the campaign’s creative part along with their clients acting like a traditional PR agency with some extra technological tools.

Our current go-to-market strategy consists of both building a critical mass of 1000 bloggers (through strategic partnerships with blogger communities and by relevant events) and approaching customers from international markets.

Our business model is 20% commission per campaign budget.