Project Description

TheCityGame is an app, which empowers users to perform good actions for the environment and society in a rewarding and convenient way on a daily basis. The product’s proposition can be summed in one main message which will be also communicated to the users; “Do one good thing every day”.

It gives users the opportunity to learn about meaningful actions, have fun, and get rewarded while making a difference. Imagine a deck of mission-cards, which are presented to users multiple times a day, giving them the option to choose which ones to complete. Every accomplishment is measurable, rewarding and shareable, all of which are key factors in creating a new, consistent, and loyal behavior and finally building a habit. Eventually users earn points to reach a social status, which represents how “good” they are.

Missions are completed when real-world actions are performed. Actions are simple things that can be performed at home or more demanding activities that involve physical movement. Examples of “home” actions are unplugging devices not in use or using the washing machine at times most economical for the grid. Actions that require verification at certain locations, could be recycling electronics at participating stores, or giving away old clothing to charities. In terms of lifestyle choices, there are missions around using public transportation or more adopting more responsible eating habits.

The vision is to become the global reference for the social status of acting responsibly and the metric of “doing good”. At the same time, to become the digital channel for brands and organizations to empower their customers to do good, and to drive real-world actions and movement. While companies have successfully employed gamification techniques in the fields of language learning (Duolingo), fitness (Runkeeper) and recycling (Recyclebank), raised millions in the process and serve millions of users already, TheCityGame is this sort of company for doing good.