Project Description

The business idea of Wilhelms GmbH, formed in 2013, is to produce and sell products containing growth-promoting arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AM-Fungi) (soil enhancer,licences as well as organic fertilizer) for agriculture, viticulture and horticulture. We formulated AM-Fungi either as a powder based on diatomaceous earth and powdered clay for seed coating, or as a liquid formula (e.g. for use on potatoes).

After 15 years of research, Dr. Arthur Schuessler had developed a method of mass-producing arbusculare mykorrhiza. In accordance with this patent protected method, we produce AM fungi- in other words, pathogen-free in the laboratory. Farmers can deploy the fungi in a single process during sowing or planting and, in doing so; promote the natural development of Mycorrhiza. With this new method, the use of fertilizers and pesticides can be significantly reduced. The farmer receives an immediate economic benefit, reaping a higher quality product, higher yields and higher profits. By doing so, we take organic farming to an industrial level.

We sell a granulate and a powder under the brand name “Wilhelm’s Best”. These products are suitable for applying to seed, mixing into liquid, or gel to dip the bare roots of plants into. Therefore, the introduction of fungal spores happens, in many cases, in a cost-neutral way. Additionally, we work with different bacteria formulations depending on the type of plant. This creates an even more positive effect in conjunction with mycorrhizal fungi.