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For Earth-humans-fauna-flora to survive, “dirty” electricity-generation from fossil-fuels and related Green-House-Gas (GHG) emissions must be reduced and eventually stopped by utilising sustainable Renewable-Energy-Sources (RES) instead.

Yiannis Lymperis

The principal object of the hydraulic tie rod for construction projects of the present invention as well as of the method for constructing building structures utilizing the hydraulic tie rod of the present invention is to minimise the aforesaid problems associated with the safety of construction structures in the event of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes and very high lateral winds.


SUNNYCLIST is a hybrid solar and human powered electric motorcycle of three seats (L2e category). Though a photovoltaic generator of 690Wp and a 4kW power motor, it can reach 50 km/h speed with a unique driving range.


Sensorflare observes, understands and suggests intelligent targeted apps combining a plethora of Internet of Things devices.


Incelligent addresses some fundamental challenges of modern wireless networks. Complexity and costs of wireless networks are surging. Long – standing trends and forecasts show that costs are increasing faster than revenues.

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Caloric is a smart space thermostat, which can reduce dramatically the expenses for heating, while maintaining the comfort in high levels, without human intervention.