"Tripsleep" is a GPS based mobile app, which lets you sleep peacefully on the road, notifying you when you are reaching your destination!


Villosophy is a white-label mobile app. platform, offering Owners as well as Property Managers of Private Vacation Rentals, a tool to create their own mobile application and significantly enhance their Guest Experience.


Marvin measures behaviour of the drivers and detects accidents by using a credit card sized in-vehicle smart device. It provides scores and feedbacks to drivers in 6 fundamental aspects in order to decrease level of risks.

We-Me Engine

We-Me is a members community that leverages the human competitive nature to generate large scale collaboration online.


Nannuka is Greece’s first website targeted towards parents that want to find experts for their children...


Face4Job is the new independent digital platform that replicates the recruiting process within a private area which, in a simple and direct way, allows the matching between firms and candidates without intermediaries.


TheCityGame is an app, which empowers users to perform good actions for the environment and society in a rewarding and convenient way on a daily basis.

Social Airways

Social Airways is a platform that connects people who are on the same flight, assisting travelers in finding a useful method of utilizing flight time constructively and providing alternative options that will make traveling more social, economical and pleasant.