OncoGen has developed a proprietary technology that creates novel monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)...


Amyndas Pharmaceuticals is a fast-developing innovator and emerging leader in the field of “complement therapeutics”...

Biomarket, Medical Physiology Lab

Our academic team in Medical School of Athens has developed a novel, efficient and cost-effective process capable of measuring a protein in humans ...

MeR Lab

Our vision is the creation of a for-profit spin-off company which will conduct research on innovative solutions for decellularized, ...


Proteomarkers Biotech [PMB] is an innovative biotechnology-oriented start-up company, specialized in the specialized in the development, design and production of new screening tests for the non-invasive prenatal detection of embryonic abnormalities and pregnancy complications.


The DermaSense device is a novel, portable, non-invasive dermatological scanner based on Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).


Gene therapy is the use of DNA as pharmaceutical agent to treat a disease.


Our goal is to develop WatchAngel, a unique wearable bracelet, watch-like medical device...


miStem team envisions a biotechnology start-up company offering innovative drug discovery systems for Parkinson’s disease, exploiting the full potential of human stem cells.

Hellenic EyeBank Demokritos “Grigoris Georgariou”

Τhe Hellenic EyeBank Demokritos "Grigoris Georgariou" is a spin-off company within the National Research Center "Demokritos" that aims to quadruple ....