OncoGen has developed a proprietary technology that creates novel monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)...


Amyndas Pharmaceuticals is a fast-developing innovator and emerging leader in the field of “complement therapeutics”...

Biomarket, Medical Physiology Lab

Our academic team in Medical School of Athens has developed a novel, efficient and cost-effective process capable of measuring a protein in humans ...

MeR Lab

Our vision is the creation of a for-profit spin-off company which will conduct research on innovative solutions for decellularized, ...


Proteomarkers Biotech [PMB] is an innovative biotechnology-oriented start-up company, specialized in the specialized in the development, design and production of new screening tests for the non-invasive prenatal detection of embryonic abnormalities and pregnancy complications.


The DermaSense device is a novel, portable, non-invasive dermatological scanner based on Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).


Gene therapy is the use of DNA as pharmaceutical agent to treat a disease.


Our goal is to develop WatchAngel, a unique wearable bracelet, watch-like medical device...


miStem team envisions a biotechnology start-up company offering innovative drug discovery systems for Parkinson’s disease, exploiting the full potential of human stem cells.


"Tripsleep" is a GPS based mobile app, which lets you sleep peacefully on the road, notifying you when you are reaching your destination!


AllCanCode is an adventure video game for browsers and tablets so that kids can learn how to code.


Villosophy is a white-label mobile app. platform, offering Owners as well as Property Managers of Private Vacation Rentals, a tool to create their own mobile application and significantly enhance their Guest Experience.


Marvin measures behaviour of the drivers and detects accidents by using a credit card sized in-vehicle smart device. It provides scores and feedbacks to drivers in 6 fundamental aspects in order to decrease level of risks.

We-Me Engine

We-Me is a members community that leverages the human competitive nature to generate large scale collaboration online.


E-table is a digital marketing platform with the following 3 distinctive roles....


Nannuka is Greece’s first website targeted towards parents that want to find experts for their children...

Bermuda Aerial Media

Bermuda Aerial Media (BAM) is an aerial photography, video and photogrammetry company based in Bermuda.


Face4Job is the new independent digital platform that replicates the recruiting process within a private area which, in a simple and direct way, allows the matching between firms and candidates without intermediaries.


Djazaltec is a marine resources valorization company. With its 1642 Km of coasts, Algeria disposes of an important marine richness which the major part is almost untapped, as in the case of seaweeds.


TheCityGame is an app, which empowers users to perform good actions for the environment and society in a rewarding and convenient way on a daily basis.

Social Airways

Social Airways is a platform that connects people who are on the same flight, assisting travelers in finding a useful method of utilizing flight time constructively and providing alternative options that will make traveling more social, economical and pleasant.

Wilhelms GmbH

The business idea of Wilhelms GmbH, formed in 2013, is to produce and sell products containing growth-promoting arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AM-Fungi) (soil enhancer,licences as well as organic fertilizer) for agriculture, viticulture and horticulture.

St.George Valley Organic Farming

Saint George Valley Organic Farming (SGVOF) is an organic farm which will produce and sell organic medicinal and aromatic plants such as Lavender, Helichrysum and Chamomile in the form of fresh or dried whole herbs.


Agrostis is a new company that develops and markets farm management software solutions that enable both individual farmers and farmer groups to effectively manage their farming business.


A platform for Big Data for Agriculture in Morocco/Africa that collects information from applications, sensors and public data (weather, maps, prices) to build analytical and synthetic data.


GRØD openend a 46 m2 shop in the local neighborhood "Nørrebro", in Copenhagen during the Autumn 2011. The mission was simple: to show the world that porridge can be delicious and healthy. GRØD got a lot of attention for rethinking and innovating something simple as porridge.


eKatun is an online platform dedicated for rural, small farmers in Kosovo, which makes it possible for them to promote their home-made products such as milk products, fruits, cultivated vegetables, etc.

ReGenerate Bio Fertilizer

Our goal is to produce a bio fertilizer pellets that could be dispatched via standard fertilizer spreading machine and therefore be used in big farms with massive production which could totally replace the common use of chemical fertilizers.


“Pronat-Agro” was registered in December 2012. We are a new company, growing Eco-certified, organic aronia, also called black chokeberry and we plan to expand by making different products from it and by exporting them to global market.

Zeus Development

For Earth-humans-fauna-flora to survive, “dirty” electricity-generation from fossil-fuels and related Green-House-Gas (GHG) emissions must be reduced and eventually stopped by utilising sustainable Renewable-Energy-Sources (RES) instead.

Yiannis Lymperis

The principal object of the hydraulic tie rod for construction projects of the present invention as well as of the method for constructing building structures utilizing the hydraulic tie rod of the present invention is to minimise the aforesaid problems associated with the safety of construction structures in the event of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes and very high lateral winds.


SUNNYCLIST is a hybrid solar and human powered electric motorcycle of three seats (L2e category). Though a photovoltaic generator of 690Wp and a 4kW power motor, it can reach 50 km/h speed with a unique driving range.


Sensorflare observes, understands and suggests intelligent targeted apps combining a plethora of Internet of Things devices.


Incelligent addresses some fundamental challenges of modern wireless networks. Complexity and costs of wireless networks are surging. Long – standing trends and forecasts show that costs are increasing faster than revenues.

Host by Caloric

Caloric is a smart space thermostat, which can reduce dramatically the expenses for heating, while maintaining the comfort in high levels, without human intervention.

Vaia Gkerliotou

Strategic design thinking around the making, life-cycle and aestetic issues of a product and consumer engagement with new materials and better technologies to improve health and well-being based on biomimetic.


Susurrus helps brands find the appropriate blogs that can promote their products through their content (blogposts).


NOODIO is designed as a web-based promotion platform for musicians and bands as well as a discovery tool by music lovers, emphasized on locality. It also acts as a free music streaming service, which incorporates an innovative voting system which allows the community to constantly determine / adjust the content.


For people who want an artwork for their empty walls, Modernizor will address your need with an unexpectedly simple solution. Modernizor’s team of expert graphic designers adds a contemporary touch to less known works of art from the past.


HUM[erus] is a personal, digital fabrication tool. It is a low-cost, portable robotic arm, with changing head tools, capable of performing basic digitally supported processes, such as 3d printing, laser cutting, drawing and gripping. It measures 9x9x35 cm, while the corresponding workspace volume is 40x40x30 cm.