GirApp’s vision is to offer a real time event discovery service to everyone, everywhere. GirApp is a phone app service that will offer personalized last minute event recommendations to everyone, everywhere. Recommendations will be provided to locals and travelers regarding their interests & hobbies based on their exact location at any given time.

Enter Art

An online marketplace for emerging artists, selected by teams of experts. A database of artists’ profiles complete with interviews and their stories. Online thematic exhibitions created each time by different teams of web designers/developers and curators. Virtual tours of major exhibitions and art events, in order to extend their life cycle and make them accessible by everyone, everywhere.

MyeTutor is a start up in EdTech offering a pioneering eLearning platform for students. It combines advanced knowledge-learning technologies supported by thoroughly selected tutors making tutoring truly personalized, efficient, significantly increasing student's learning abilities and exams passing rates.


Cultinet’s mission is to facilitate arts collaborations by bringing together visual artists and arts managers that need complementary services in a cost-effective and loyal way.


AllCanCode develops an adventure video game for browsers and tablets so that kids can learn how to code. Kids solve each game level by giving instructions to the main character using a visual programming language.

Hellenic EyeBank Demokritos “Grigoris Georgariou”

Τhe Hellenic EyeBank Demokritos "Grigoris Georgariou" is a spin-off company within the National Research Center "Demokritos" that aims to quadruple ....