In keeping with the ‘disruptive’ nature of this event, workshops will be running parallel to the event.

Main Stage and Plenary Sessions are at a first come first serve basis.

MasterClasses and workshops require registration. Attendees that are not registered for a MasterClass or workshop will not be admitted into the session.

Saturday November 15TH, 2014

Live translations in Greek and English will be provided.

10.00 Registration

11.00 Disrupt Startup Scaleup Opening | Directed by Yannis Kakleas with the kind support of Circus Dayz

Circus Dayz: Alexandros Xouatianos (music editor), Tina Gourzi, Danai Maltezoy, Neil Blakemore, Aggeliki Deligianni, Myrto Petrohilou, Alex De Paris, Pepe Peperonius, Anatoli-Margo

Event Host: Kostas Karypidis

11.20 Welcome Address | Michalis Stangos, Co-Founder of Industry Disruptors-Game Changers, Carla Tanas, Co-Founder of Industry Disruptors-Game Changers

11.35 Official Global Entrepreneurship Week Opening | Jonathan Ortmans, President, Global Entrepreneurship Week and Senior Fellow, Ewin Marion Kauffman Foundation

11.50 Let Your Customers Design Your Successful Business | Bob Dorf, co-author with Steve Blank for Amazon’s #1 entrepreneurship title, “The Startup Owner’s Manual”

12.10 Disrupting the Brain for Successful Outcomes | Scott Halford, President of Complete Intelligence, LLC, Emmy Award winning writer and producer and a bestselling author

12.25 Coffee Break

12.40 Can Insects End World Hunger? | Gabriel Mott, COO of Aspire Food Group (AFG, International) and CEO Aspire Groupo Alimentario (AGA, Mexico)

12.55 Global Future Agro Challenge International Finals | An ID-GC Greek initiative that has become a global featured event of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Future Agro Challenge (FAC) is the world championship for innovators, visionaries and leaders to address the issue of healthy food from the farmer to the consumer. The Future Agro Challenge runs in over 30 countries around the world (including USA, Africa, Europe, and Asia) while the 10 most innovative startups across the globe will come to Athens to compete in the International Finals.

Host: Stacey Ferreira, Founder of MySocialCloud


  1. Gabriel Mott, COO of Aspire Food Group (AFG, International) and CEO Aspire Groupo Alimentario (AGA, Mexico)
  2. Aris Kefalogiannis, Founder and CEO of Gaea
  3. Tasos Flambouras, Founder of Aventurine
  4. Bob Dorf, co-author with Steve Blank for Amazon’s #1 entrepreneurship title, “The Startup Owner’s Manual”
  5. Petros Kokkalis, Co-Founder at


  • Greece: Ifarma/agrostis
  • Bermuda: Bermuda Aerial Media
  • Bulgaria: ReGenerate
  • Moldova: Pronat-Agro
  • Morocco: IBDA3
  • Albania: St. George Valley Organic Farming
  • Denmark: GRØD
  • Algeria: Djazaltec
  • Germany: Wilhelms GmbH
  • Kosovo: eKatun

15.15 Lunch Break

16.15 Entrepreneurship and Sport for Women’s Empowerment

Bedriye Hulya, Founder of B-Fit


16.25  Cleantech as the Key to Sustainable Abundance

Wouter Chompff, Founder of CrystalShowers

16.35 Cleantech Open Ideas National Finals | The Global Cleantech Open Ideas Competition is about making the world clean and green, one idea at a time. Local entrepreneurs are invited have submitted these clean technology ideas to and claim a place to compete live in front of an audience and a panel of judges.  The categories include: Air, Water & Waste: Ways to cut pollution, Energy Efficiency: More efficient methods & devices, Renewable Energy: Replacements for fossil fuels, Green Building: New kinds of building materials, Smart Power, Green Grid, Energy Storage: Better ways of carrying electricity and storing it, Transportation: Greener cars, buses, trucks or planes.

Host: Wouter Chompff, Founder of CrystalShowers


  1. Ihsan Elgin, Founding Director of Fit Startup Factory
  2. Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Founder and CEO of Intelen
  3. Arnaud Henin, Partner, Gommyr Power Networks
  4. Loucas Pilitsis, CEO at Piraeus Equity Advisors and Chairman BoD Piraeus Equity Partners
  5. Khaled Jawahery , Advisor and Entrepreneur


  • Host by Caloric
  • Incelligent
  • Sensorflare
  • Sunnyclist
  • Yiannis Lymperis
  • Zeus Development BV

18.00 Coffee Break

18.30 Mία θάλασσα δύο φορές* (One Sea Twice) | Georgios Ioannis Tsianos, Doctor, Entrepreneur and Super Athlete

18.45 Last Year Winners Today | Foteini Christodoulou, Founder of Miroculus, Antonis Kouris, Product Manager and Founder at Respi

19.00 SFEE Innovation Project | SFEE Innovation Project competition is designed for entrepreneurs in the health sector, aiming at rewarding innovation, supporting entrepreneurship and the emergence of innovative proposals in the Health sector.  The areas include: Prognostic and diagnostic tools, Cell therapy, Regenerative Medicine, Evaluation and development of new therapeutics agents, Drug delivery systems, Biotechnology, Bio-electronic systems, Computational of molecular pathogenic mechanisms and identification of new therapeutic targets, Bio-informatics, E/m health, Artificial organs, Nano-medicine, Geriatrics.

Host: Kostas Karypidis


  1. Konstantinos Frouzis, President of the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE), Vice President and General Manager of Novartis Hellas
  2. Simos Anastasopoulos, President of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
  3. Christos Antonopoulos, Medical Director at Roche Hellas
  4. Evangelos Drosinos, Medical Director at Pharmaserve-Lilly
  5. Konstantinos Evripedes, Vice President of SfEE Board of Directors, Founder and CEO of Genesis Pharma, President of Entrepreneurship Club
  6. Vassilis Katsos, President and CEO of Pharmathen SA, General Secretary of the Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry Board of Directors
  7. Ioannis Kyriakou, Alternate Director Generel at SEV, Managing Director at Stegi SA
  8. Antonis Kyrkos, Core expert within McKinsey’s European Service Operations Practice
  9. Barbara Baroutsou, Coordinator of the Medical Directors Committee of SFEE, Medical and Scientific Director of SANOFI Greece & Cyprus
  10. Konstantinos Panagoulias, Vice President of SFEE, responsible for Growth and Value Added, Vice President of VIANEX SA
  11. Yiannis Papadopoulos, Co-founder-CEO of Attica Ventures, Ministry of Development and Competitiveness, ETEAN SA
  12. Despina Sanoudou, Assistant Professor Department of Pharmacology Medical School University of Athens
  13. Sotiris Sirmakezis, General Manager of the Retail Banking Sector, Piraeus Bank Group
  14. Ahmed Haseeb, CEO MSD Greece, Cyprus and Malta
  15. Erik Nordkamp, President and Managing Director of Pfizer Hellas, President of the PhRMA Innovation Forum


  • miStem
  • Τhe Hellenic EyeBank Demokritos “Grigoris Georgariou”
  • WatchAngel
  • Mol-Ther
  • DermaSense
  • Proteomarkers Biotech
  • MeR Lab
  • Biomarket, Medical Physiology Lab
  • Amyndas Pharmaceuticals
  • OncoGen

21.00 An Undergraduate Success Story | Nanxi Liu, Founder of Nanoly Bioscience

21.15 SFEE Award Ceremony

Plenary sessions will take place in Skalkota Room

12.00 Start Me Up (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Dimitris Dimitriadis, Digital Economy and eGov expert, European Commission
  • Dimitris Drakoulis, Greek Startup Manifesto
  • Michalis Synodinos, Consultant, Ministry of Development
  • Moderator: Dimitris Pogkas,

13.00 Pioneering in an Ecosystem – Constructive Disruption by Tomorrow’s Game Changers (panel will be held in English)

  • Jonathan Ortmans,  President, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Senior Fellow, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
  • Ihsan Elgin, Founding Director of Fit Startup Factory, Özyeğin University’s Accelerator Program
  • Jan Versteeg, Ambassador, Netherlands embassy in Athens
  • Jimmy Athanasopoulos, Director Hellenic Entrepreneurship Awards
  • Hendrick Halbe, Founder of Get in the Ring
  • Moderator: Amy Cosper,  VP/Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine

14.00 Next Generation of Mobile Application, Bringing Space Down to Earth (panel will be held in Greek)

  • George Karantonis, CEO VCI, General Secretary HAMAC
  • Philippos Beveratos, Founder YOOR, NCSR “Demokritos”
  • Vassilis Tsetsos, CTO Mobics
  • Konstantinos Haniotis, CEO Telenavis
  • Nansy Karanasiou, Head of IT Department at VIDAVO SA
  • Moderator: Yiannis Rizopoulos, Journalist

15.00 Lunch Break

16.00 Starting from Scratch (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Paris Kasiadaris, CEO at SourceLair
  • John Papageorgiou, CEO at Truckbird
  • Anastasios Voulgaris, CEO at Inverse
  • Dr. Spyros Arsenis, Business Banking, Division of Development of Retail Clients
  • Moderator: Sylvia Klimaki, Journalist

17.00 Disruption & Diversification – Greek Tourism Revisted (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Christos Stergiou, CEO Τrue Greece
  • Philipp Brinkmann, CEO travelplanet24
  • Christos Doulkeridis, Brussels Region Minister, Member of Parliament with the Green Party
  • Moderator: Christina Poutetsi, Journalist at Vima

18.00 Funding for Startups (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Giannis Papadopoulos, CEO Attica Ventures
  • Loukas Pilitsis, CEO Piraeus Equity Advisors
  • Spyros Trachanis, Managing Partner, Odyssey Venture Partner
  • Moderator: Dimitris Pephanis, Director

Room MC2

12.00 Eu Opportunities for Young People and the Case of the Ideatree Enterpreneurship and Innovation Competition

  • Filippos Lentzas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation
  • Antonis Livieratos, Entrepreneurship Consultant
  • Winner of IdeaTree Competition: Panagiotis Karakitsios

Workshop Leader: Thanos Triantafyllou
Language: Greek

13.00 MASTERCLASS: How to build a news site, one fact at a time: introduction to Infobitt | No one has done for the news what Wikipedia did for encyclopedias. How can we crowdsource the news? Already, a great deal of time and energy is spent sharing news via disorganized media like Twitter and blogs. This works, but it’s messy. What if we were to combine some of our praiseworthy sharing efforts together, more collaboratively? What if it were possible to create something more useful than Twitter and more complete and efficient than mainstream news sources? This talk should be attended by those interested in the Internet and social media, and especially collaborative content and citizen journalism.

Workshop Leader: Larry Sanger
Language: English

16.00 MASTERCLASS: Marketing in the Digital World | One of the biggest challenges when starting a new business, launching a new product or launching your first marketing campaign is promoting your product/services to the world. In this workshop, Stacey Ferreira will discuss tangible marketing and advertising processes and strategies to take when you’re starting your first business or launching your first product. She’ll discuss the best way to segment your target markets, give examples of the most effective means of marketing and messaging for those audiences, give tips on budget allocation for each stage of your business and evaluate the KPIs and ROI of each campaign you launch.

Workshop Leader: Stacey Ferreira
Language: English

17.00 MASTERCLASS: Customer Development: A Closer look at how to use it | When it comes to helping startups and innovators succeed, “Customer Development” is the path chosen by hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs each year. This rigorous methodology, developed by serial Silicon Valley entreprneur Steve Blank, brings what is often called the “scientific method” to the typically chaotic, seemingly disorganized startup process. This rigorous, step-‐by-‐step process helps innovators at small startups and big company intrapreneurships ”get it right” long before they bring the product to market. Understand key elements of the powerful Customer Development process and learn how to put its core steps—Customer Discovery and Customer Validation—to work. This hands-‐on session will dive deep into the process itself, with procedures, guidelines, case histories, and more. The session will be chaired by Startup Owner’s Manual co-‐author Bob Dorf, himself a serial entrepreneur who teaches Customer Development at Skolkovo, throughout the world, and as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Columbia Business School in New York City.

Workshop Leader: Bob Dorf
Language: English

Room MC3.2

12.00 Setting up your own startup: Useful legal tips on when, where and why |The aim of the workshop is to offer hands on legal information on the most important legal challenges a new entrepreneur will have to face at the very early stages of setting up his/her new company structure. Startup companies founders will find this work shop extremely useful in order to be prepared for the load of legal requirements they will have to face at the first steps of their company and to focus on the most important ones.

Workshop Leader: Mina Zoulovits
Language: Greek

13.00 Social Media Analytics | The scope of this workshop is to provide specialized knowledge in Social Media Analytics & Insights. This workshop was designed exclusively for those who want to gain knowledge on analytics and insights and learn to read the number right and thus counting correctly the performance of their investment in Social Media. Ιt is a unique opportunity for the participants to learn the basics of how to measure the performance of their campaigns.

Workshop Leader: Diamantis Kitridis
Language: Greek

14.00 Energy & Cleantech: What on God’s Green Earth Comes Next | The scope of this workshop is to provide specialized knowledge in Energy and Clean Tech trends and insights. Greater focus will be placed on the available energy resources and demand efficiency technologies. The workshop will also put emphasis on energy saving measures, localised energy solutions, renewable energy generation, microgrids and other proactive initiatives like demand-response mechanisms. It will run as an interactive dialogue among leading entrepreneurs, advisors, engineers and subject matter experts. The aim is to explore the unique entrepreneurial and business opportunities for targeted investments.

  • Ioannis Orfanos, Director, Investment Advisory, Green Value Associates
  • Arnaud Henin, Partner, Gommyr Power Networks
  • Apostolos Kotsaris, Vice President in Operations at Silver Ridge Power
  • Vassilis Nikolopoulos, CEO & Co-founder Intelen Inc
  • Dr. Theodore Tsakiris, Prof. Oil & Gas Politics & Economics, Univ. of Nicosia & Energy Programme Director ELIAMEP

Workshop Leader: Ioannis Orfanos, Director, Investment Advisory, Green Value Associates

16.00 Ekinisi Lab – Developing a sustainable business case | Ekinisi Lab is a leading technology transfer program in Greece that assists aspiring entrepreneurs to devise their business strategy and explore their competitive advantage. Join us and unfold the secrets with experienced coaches, mentors and young innovators: Do’s and don’ts, IPRs, team development, go-live strategies, entrepreneurial best practices and more.

Maggie Athanassiadi, Young Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
Yannis Sidiropoulos, Project Manager, Young Entrepreneurship, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
Athina Ikonomidou, Young Entrepreneurship Coach, EkinisiLab
Kostas Lafkas, Expert Entrepreneurship Mentor
George Tsangaris, Proteomarker οwner
Alexandros Kitselis, Grammarios Bikes owner
Vassilis Constantoudis, Nanometrology

Workshop Leader: Costas Troulos, Project Manager, Young Entrepreneurship, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
Language: Greek

17.00 GigCompass Tribetan: Realizing Success Through Intuition and Faith | This workshop is a collection of short creative visualizations and brief written exercises designed to assist with revealing your essence, your purpose and your unique talents. The workshop exercises will help you assemble these natural qualities in order to bring you closer to your instinctive work — work that’s inspiring, fulfilling and elevating to you and your chosen audience. The workshop tools put you on the path of realizing success through intuition and faith. We all have a purpose, so join us to help discover yours!

Workshop Leader: Tiffany Norwood, Ceca Mijatovic
Language: English

Room MC3.4

12.00 Big Data Analytics: An Overview | “Data, data everywhere!” The Economist was proclaiming in a special issue three years ago. Since then, Big Data became the “talk of the day”, with extensive coverage in mainstream newspapers, magazines and even global economic forums. The emergence of sophisticated web applications, the proliferation of social networks, the massive deployment of sensor networks and other data-producing applications have led to an exponential growth of data volumes, unforeseen just few years ago. At the same time, the incorporation of a variety of data formats (structured, semi- and un-structured) into mainstream data analysis, along with the velocity aspect of modern applications, revise the fundamental aspects of data management and data-driven analysis.

Workshop Leader: Damianos Chatziantoniou
Language: Greek

13.00 How to implement Open Innovation Practices | Open Innovation is a key trend in management. Large companies, such as Samsung, Siemens and Philips, as well as smaller innovative companies and even startups are implementing open innovation practices in order to speed up the innovation process, reduce development costs and increase the impact of innovation. This workshop will provide participants with a thorough understanding of what Open Innovation is, present the reasoning on why a company should open up its innovation process as well as a strategic framework for managers aiming to implement Open Innovation in their companies.

Workshop Leader: Antonis Livieratos
Language: Greek

14.00 When a Startup Should Speak | The aim of the workshop is to provide startups with helpful insights regarding their exposure to the media. During its course, participants will learn when and how to approach the media, how to promote their business and what to expect from this relation. Furthermore, there will be hands-on example of successful presentations to the media, as well as focal points startups need to take into account in order to distinguish themselves in an information heavy environment.

Workshop Leader: Dimitris Pefanis
Language: Greek

16.00 EU Funding for Startups | Are you a young, innovative SME or an disruptive start-up? Do you have the next big commercial idea that will disrupt the ICT industry and conquer the world? Are you looking for money for your start-up, without giving up equity? Compared to traditional investors from the private sector, EU funding provides support with minimal strings attached and does not require Entrepreneurs to surrender any ownership of their idea or shares of their StartUp. In this workshop, we will try to see the whole EU-funding map for start-ups, help you identify the right grant that fits the purpose, stage and plans of your startup, find out what SME-Instrument, FI-Ware, COSME means ask everything you always wanted, but were afraid to.

Workshop Leader: Iraklis Agiovlasitis
Language: English

17.00 Tech Strategy for Startups | High quality software is becoming not just a competitive advantage, but also a necessary factor for tech start-ups to satisfy their users as well as to increase their value. This workshop is suitable for technical and non-technical (co-)founders of startups. Its aim is:

  • To show to founders how they can structurally make strategic decisions when it comes to selecting the right people and processes for the development of their products,
  • To demonstrate that quality of software is not a subjective term but rather it can be measured and therefore managed.
  • To provide concrete examples of bad implementations of software and how these can be improved from a technical perspective.

Workshop Leader: Yiannis Kanellopoulos
Language: Greek

18.00 Building Soft Skills for 21th Century | What prepares best youth for the 21st century workforce? Soft Skills development! During the workshop the participants will have the chance to practice a series of soft skills such as teamwork, communication, decision making, planning, organizing and prioritizing work all essential skills for success in the 21st century, both for healthy societies and for successful and employable individuals.

Workshop Leader: Maria Nomikou
Language: English

Sunday November 16TH, 2014

Live translations in Greek and English will be provided

10.00 Registration

11.00 Disrupt Startup ScaleUP Day 2 Opening

Event Host: Kostas Karypidis

11.15 The Naked Truth About Making Millions | Kelsey Ramsden, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Guide, Owner of Belvedere Place Development Ltd., SparkPlay, Ranked Canada’s #1 Female Entrepreneur two years running, Named Top 12 North American Growth Entrepreneurs by Ernst & Young, Named Top 200 Female Entrepreneurs Globally by DELL

11.30 Creating the Capital of Children | Michael Hjortlund, Chairman of Board LEGO-Capital of Children

11.45 Our Secret to Success? Breaking Every Startup Rule | Nanxi Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of Enplug and Nanoly Bioscience. Enplug was named Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 30 Startups to Watch and Inc. Magazine’s Top 5 Women-Led Startups to Watch.

12.00 Disrupting Traditional Media, The Story of VICE | Thanasis Trouboukis, Editor in Chief of VICE

12.10 Creative Business Cup Live Competition | The Creative Business Cup is the world championship for creative entrepreneurs and runs in a number of countries. The Creative Industries include: Design, Architecture, Content production (eg computer games), Advertising, Books and the press, Music, Film & Video, Art & Crafts, Radio & TV, Amusement Parks & Live Scenes, Gastronomy, Leisure activities).

Host: Theodore Anagnastopoulos, Co-Founder and President of SciCo


  1. Michael Hjortlund, Chairman of Board LEGO-Capital of Children
  2. Yannis Spanoudakis, CEO of Stoiximan
  3. Kelsey Ramsden, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Guide
  4. Niki Boutari, Vice President for Marketing and Communication, American College of Greece
  5. Vassilis Charalampidis, Founder of Bios and Romanzzo


  • Vaia Gkerilotou
  • Modernizor
  • Girapp
  • Humerus
  • Susserus
  • Cultinet
  • Noodio
  • EnterArt

14.00 Lunch Break

15.00 Turning a Tweet into $1M and More | Stacey Ferreira, Founder of MySocialCloud (whose investors include Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock, and Alex Welch). Noted as the youngest female entrepreneur with a successful exit.

15.15 How We Collaborate on the News – and How We Could | Larry Sanger, Internet Thought Leader; Co-Founder of Wikipedia; Founder and CEO of Infobitt.

15.30 The ROI of Faith | Tiffany Norwood, Co-Founder of Tribetan, Executive Vice President at Next Generation Broadband. One of the pioneers of digital satellite radio; responsible for a Series A raise of nearly one billion dollars to launch WorldSpace and XM Radio; as well as an early investor and collaborator in MPEG technology, later to be known as MP3 and MP4.

15.45 The Diary of a Failed Entrepreneur (10min) | Ilja van den Berg, Founder of Mind the People

16.00 Get In the Ring Regional Competition | Get in the Ring is an investment battle aiming to bring promising entrepreneurs in contact with potential investors and to inspire visitors to start their own entrepreneurial journey.

Host: Hendrick Halbe, Founder of Get in the Ring


  1. Ioannis – John Kent, Principal, Astir Project at Jermyn Street Real Estate Fund IV L.P.
  2. Stacey Ferreira, Founder of MySocialCloud
  3. Antonis Markopoulos, Deputy Managing Director, Asia Pacific Region
  4. Tiffany Norwood, Co-Founder of Tribetan
  5. George Kametas, Special Advisor at National Bank of Greece


  • Greece: TheCityGame
  • Cyprus: Social Airways
  • Italy: Face4Job
  • Israel: We-Me Engine Ltd.
  • Turkey: DriveMarvin
  • Greece: Nannuka
  • Portugal:

18.00 Coffee Break

19:00 Award Ceremony | This will not be any award ceremony. Filled with fun, winners will gain valuable prizes and startup services.

Plenary sessions will take place in Skalkota Room

11.00 E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, and Exports (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Fotis Antonopoulos, eCommerce Manager, Board Member of GRECA
  • Roxani Ossa, CEO of
  • Aimilia Tsakiri, eCommerce Manager,
  • Dorotheos Chatzioannou, Chief Experience Officer,
  • Panagiotis Melissaropoulos, Sales Manager,
  • Moderator: Dimitris Mallas, Journalist at Imerisia

12.00 E-education: coming to grips with this new beast (panel will be held in English)

  • Alexis Komselis, Director ALBA Hub for Enterprise and Development
  • Dr. Stefanos Gialamas, PhD, President, American Community Schools of Athens
  • Hendrick Halbe, Founder of Get In the Ring
  • Moderator: Samuel Edwards, Tech Journalist

13.00 Startups: Bubble or Solution for the Economy? (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Akis Skertsos, General Manager SEV
  • Nick Drandakis, Entrepreneur – Founder of Taxibeat
  • Vassilis Trapezanoglou, Owner – President at DISC SA Digital Innovation Services Center, Business Exchanges SA, Eurobank, Eurobank EFG, E-Solutions
  • Makis Antipas, CIO and Co-founder, Viva Payments
  • Paschos Mandravelis, Journalist, Kathimerini
  • Moderator: Kostas Giannakides, Journalist,

14.00 Lunch Break

15.00 Public Management, Success Stories in Time of Management (panel will be held in Greek)

  • Panos Stampoulidis, CEO OKAA Central Markets & Fishery Organization S.Α
  • Gregory Dimitriadis, ‎Chairman of the Board & CEO at OASA Group
  • Ioannis Bras, Chairman & Managing Director of Heraklion Port Authority
  • Angelos Tolkas, Managing Director at National Quality Infrastructure System.
  • Nikos Mantzoufas, Secretary Special, Head of Greek PPP Unit at Ministry of Economy
  • Moderator: Apostolos Mangiriadis, Mega Channel Political Correspondent

16.00 Mentors vs Mentorees – The IforU Case Study 

  • Vasso Kollia, Secretary General for Gender Equality
  • Danae Bezentakou, President IforU, Managing Director Navigator Shipping Consultants Ltd

FocusBari Survey for Startups

  • Fenia Papaspyropoulou


  • Katerina Stathopoulou, Investments and finance
  • Mina Zoulovits, Philotheidis,Rokas & Partners
  • Irene Nikolaidou


  • Sonia Katsarou, likeafairytale
  • Irene Loizou, cforcrafts
  • Dimitra Paraskevopoulou, ava’s farm
  • Matina Agiorgiti, Athenian muse
  • Moderator: Matina Antonopoulou, iforU/Magnet Advertising

17.00 Entrepreneurship for Social Impact in collaboration with Ashoka (panel will be held in English)

  • Hélène Grossetie, Director of Development with Réseau Cocagne, France
  • Georg Ottinger, OTELO
  • Dimitris Kokkinakis, Director Impact Hub Athens
  • Aphrodite Bouikidis, Founder and Launch Director of Ashoka Greece
  • Michael Hjortlund, Chairman of Board LEGO-Capital of Children
  • Moderator: Jimmy Athanasopoulos, Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award

18.00 High Risk Online Entrepreneurial Actions – the team that unblocked Facebook

  • Anastasios Papathanasiou, Police Major
  • Ioannis Makripoulias, Police Captain
  • Ioannis Fragkiadakis, Police Captain
  • Adamantia Stathaki, Police Captain​
  • Moderator: Manolis Sfakianakis, Police Brigadier General, Director of Cyber Crime Division of Hellenic Police

Room MC2

11.00 MASTERCLASS: Neuroscience of SuccessTM | You want to sell more, produce more, keep employees engaged, retain your top talent – you want it all. It all starts in the brain. Recent neuroscience discoveries tell us what switches people on and what turns them off. What attracts and what repels. As we learn more about the brain, we have more accurate tools to help us do what we’ve been trying to do for decades.International Hall of Fame speaker, Scott Halford, CSP, CPAE provides insights into the lessons from neuroscience that help us achieve results and excellence. He is an internationally recognized speaker, educator and authority on emotional intelligence and the use of neuroscience in business. Through his interactive and engaging presentation you will learn how to better lead people to achieve results that drive your business strategies forward. Scott is the bestselling author of “Be a Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success”. His upcoming book: Start Small, Start Now: Activating Your Brain to Tap Your Maximum Potential (working title) is based on his work in behavioral neuroscience and its business applications. It is due in May 2015.

Workshop Leader: Scott Halford
Language: English

14.00 Lunch Break

15.00 Founder Institute – From Idea to Venture | The Founder Institute is the world’s largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program, helping aspiring founders across the globe build enduring technology companies. Meet some of the startups that went from idea to venture in 14 weeks and meet some of the mentors that supported.

Workshop LeaderMichalis Stangos, Co-Founder of Industry Disruptors-Game Changers
Language: Greek

16.00 Introduction to Social Enterprise: Building Food Security from the Ground Up | Food security is a nearly intractable problem, but lately social entrepreneurs have been making impressive inroads. Designed as a primer for new social entrepreneurs in food and agriculture, the workshop builds from a starting point at the production vs. distribution question. Attendees will interrogate existing supply chains for new opportunities, learn tools to frame these and their own business plans, and use a case study to explore ways to leverage trends to drive growth.

Workshop Leader: Gabe Mott
Language: English

17.00 Agro Trends You Can’t Discount

  • George Katsouranis, General Manager Excelixi
  • Iliopoulos Konstantinos, Director of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research Institute
  • Philippos Petrides, CEO of Ambio
  • Charlikleia Minotou, President of Ifoam Agribio Mediteraneo
  • Ioannis Chaniotakis, Director of Agricultural Sector Operations Development, Piraeus Bank

Language: Greek

18.00 World Class Marketing on a Minimum Budget | One of the main ingredients of building a successful business is building a brand with credibility. As a start-up, you often have extremely high ambition and extremely limited resources. With the tools in this workshop you can realize world-class logo’s, websites, applications, print and more on every budget. Everyone interested in building credible high-value brands is welcome.

Workshop Leader: Wouter Chompff
Language: English

Room MC3.2

11.00 Making Money Out of Your Degree(s): how to best sell your academic credentials in making money out of your degree | The aim of the workshop is to offer hands on information on how one can successfully perform the switch from academia to business. Being a graduate, especially with non-business oriented degrees can be a pain when job-hunting. Through engaging examples, hands on advice, the two presenters will suggest & discuss ways in which the graduates / junior academics can maximize their gains from the entrepreneurial sector. How they can brand, rebrand and best ‘sell’ themselves in highly competitive sectors, using their academic background and profile as a distinct competitive advantage rather than baggage that could lead to an ‘overqualified’ negative response from prospective employers. The Workshop leaders have applied all of the above numerous times in their professional paths and will provide examples and targeted advice to the participants. The participants will acquire knowledge & skills in CV-writing, strategic self-branding, personal marketing & positioning & interviews.The participants will be invited to bring up any challenges they have encountered in their own professional endeavors & receive targeted advice and feedback.

Note: Participants are invited to bring along a copy of their CV

Workshop Leader: Pavlos Efthymiou
Language: English

12.30 Being a White Collar Entrepreneur | Target Audience: Visionaries, Professional managers, new business development managers, strategists who want to pursue their bold ideas HR Professionals seeking to change innovation processes. What Will be learned: Why innovation at corporates do not work? How can you help yourself and your organization to change the way you innovate? Participants will learn new way of sustainable innovation.

Workshop Leader: Ihsan Elgin
Language: English

14.00 Lunch Break

15.00 Is this my Work/Life? | A deep dive into bolt to the soul empire buiding for women. We start with unveiling the pillars of personal success whilst recognizing that success for each individual will be by its own definition. We unearth the truths around work life balance and lay out tactical strategies for how to define your own work/life and do so in a way where you are not only successful but you feel that same success personally. Do not attend if you are not interested in specific take away tactics on how to build a business and life you love.

Workshop Leader: Kelsey Ramsden
Language: English

17.00 Raising Financing for an Early Stage Startup – How VC’s Make Decisions

Workshop Leader: Michalis Dimitropoulos, Nikos Antoniou
Language: Greek

18.00 Egg-xperience : Turning New Ideas Into Businesses | Join this workshop to meet with egg teams and discuss how they are turning their innovative ideas into model businesses. If you have a new idea and want to get started with your company, see how the EGG – ENTER.GROW.GO incubator and acceleration program can help you providing effective business training, one-stop-shops and access to a network of distinguished mentors to accelerate your business ideas.

  • Christos Kounavis, CEO IsMood Data Technologies
  • Nick Arapkoules, CEO,Hellix
  • Sotiris Kokkinos, CEO, FEAC Engineering
  • Anthia Vlassopoulou, CEO, Athens Insiders
  • Dimitris Barbakos, Chief Engineer, HermesV

Workshop Leader: George Vrachnis, Program Manager, the egg
Language: Greek

Room MC3.4

11.00 Disrupting Traditional MBAs – iMBA major in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Scholarship Scheme

  • George Ioannou, Director iMBA
  • Dr. Emmanuel Alexandrakis, Associate Director, Policy and Communications MSD

4 Scholars Startuppers:

  • Dimitris Psyllas
  • Konstantinos Gouliaris
  • Alexandros Christopoulos
  • Leon Gavalas

Language: Greek

12.00 How to Startup and Ask for Funding | We will discuss many points for preparing an internet venture business plan. Then we will touch upon what an angel investor is looking for and what are common mistakes entrepreneurs do when business planning or pitching.

Workshop Leader: Apostolos Apostolakis and Dimitris Vranopoulos
Language: English

13.00 Lessons on Standing Out as a Woman Entrepreneur | This workshop is designed for women in entrepreneurship. Nanxi will share strategies on seeking marketing opportunities such as speaking engagements and being on elite panels. In addition, she’ll discuss how she approached raising money and interacting with investors.

Workshop Leader: Nanxi Liu
Language: English

14.00 Lunch Break

15.00 Disrupting Politics with Technology

  • George Karamanolis (co-Founder, Crowdpolicy)
  • Kristina Tremonti (Founder, Edosa Fakelaki)
  • Panagiotis Vlachos (Co-Founder, Vouliwatch)
  • Vassilis Giannakopoulos (SciFY)

Moderator: Pavlos Efthymiou, Panagiotis Vlachos
Language: English

16.00 Getting Started with Arduino and codebender! | Join this workshop and get the opportunity to learn the basics around Arduino using codebender. The participants of this workshop will find out what are the Arduino’s capabilities, how it can be used as a microcontroller to affect and control the surrounding environment and how to build low-cost devices equipped with sensors and controllers with great ease. All this will take place in a friendly environment using codebender: an online, easy to use, advanced IDE for Arduino, which allows the user to code fast and easily, as well as to collaborate with others and share code and ideas. Get ready to build whatever comes to your mind, be it a climbing robot, a satellite, home automation or just bells and lights for Christmas. In order to take full advantage of the workshop and be able to program an Arduino yourself, you need to bring a laptop with you.

Workshop Leader: Vasilis Georgitzikis
Language: English

18.00 Gamification – spur desired behavior | The workshop offers unique browse to the gamification hype and analysis of indicative project around the world

  • Loyalty, gamification and relationship marketing
  • Gamification projects’ analysis
  • Intrinsic motivation and the sense of accomplishment
  • Gamifications projects’ failures
  • Implemented cases in various sectors

Workshop Leader: George Veinoglou
Language: English